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Dinosaur Tracks on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight, located off the southern coast of England, is known as the "British capital of dinosaurs." Over 25 species of prehistoric reptiles, which lived there approximately 125 million years ago, have been discovered on the island. However, recently, scientists have made an extraordinary discovery that could change our understanding of these ancient creatures. While conducting flood prevention work on the beach near the town of Yaverland, engineers from the Environmental Agency stumbled upon dinosaur footprints hidden beneath […]

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Russian Cyberattacks on the USA

Russian Cyberattacks on the USA: What Do We Know About the May Breach of the Departments of Defense and Justice? In May 2023, a Russian-speaking hacking group known as CL0P carried out a massive cyberattack on over 600,000 email addresses of employees from the United States Department of Defense and the Department of Justice. According to a report obtained by Bloomberg from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the hackers gained access to email accounts through a file transfer program […]

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Polish Successes in Athletics and Music on the Podium

Last week, Poles had reasons to celebrate both on the track and on the stage. The European Athletics Championships took place in Munich, and the "Chopin and His Europe" Festival was held in Warsaw. Both events brought medals and applause to our representatives. Gold and Silver for the White and Red At the European Athletics Championships, which ran from August 15th to 21st, Polish athletes secured two medals. Marcin Lewandowski clinched the gold medal in the 1500-meter run, defeating his […]

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Leeds Bradford Airport Disrupted as TUI Airways Plane Skids Off Runway Amid Storm Babet

Adverse Weather Conditions Cause Chaos and Delays. Chaos ensued at Leeds Bradford Airport when a TUI Airways aircraft skidded off the runway during its landing attempt amid the severe weather conditions of Storm Babet. The unexpected incident disrupted airport operations as the runway was temporarily closed after the TUI Airways plane, arriving from Corfu, Greece, dramatically skidded onto the adjacent grassy area. The heavy rains accompanying Storm Babet played a pivotal role in this unexpected turn of events. An emergency […]

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Yesterday - on October 10, 2023, just before 9:00 PM, a fire broke out in the parking lot at Luton Airport. One of the parked cars burst into flames, and the fire quickly spread. It caused significant losses and inconveniences for passengers. A vast number of vehicles were destroyed - over 1,200 cars. Furthermore, five people were injured, including four firefighters and one airport employee. The structure partially collapsed, but the firefighters managed to completely extinguish the fire. More than […]

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Dual Wave is an extraordinary radio that perfectly balances between two exceptional music cultures – British and Polish. Our mission is to create a musical bridge that connects these two national realms of sound, providing our listeners with exceptional musical experiences from various genres ranging from pop and rock to electronic music.