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For many days, we have been witnessing alarming wildfires in southern Europe, caused by a heatwave and immense drought. Temperatures are reaching up to 49°C, making it the hottest July of all time.

In many countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, including Greece’s Rhodes island and Italy’s Sicily, vast areas of land have been consumed by fire. Along the way, it has destroyed forests, fields, and homes. Many people, including rescuers and firefighters, have lost their lives.

Wildfires have also appeared in other countries such as Spain, Portugal, Croatia, France, and Turkey. According to data from the European Forest Fire Information System, since the beginning of this year, flames have already destroyed 177 thousand hectares in the European Union countries. This exceeds the long-term average.

Unfortunately, wildfires in Europe pose a serious threat to the natural environment and human health. The increase in the number of fires is a result of climate change and irresponsible human actions. Therefore, it is crucial to take action on multiple fronts – public education, international cooperation, effective forest management, and proper equipment for rescue services – to protect our forests and communities from this serious disaster.

Let us hope that temperatures will decrease, and the long-awaited rain will fall, allowing firefighters and rescue teams to control this immense catastrophe.

Sylwia Michalak

Written by: Norbert Michalak

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