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Consider buying a drone as a Christmas gift.

Drones are a fascinating gift that can bring a lot of joy and entertainment. They are not only a modern gadget but also a tool that can be used for various purposes such as filming, photography, or exploration. However, before deciding to buy a drone as a Christmas present, it's worth considering a few things. Firstly, drones are devices that require responsibility. Their use is regulated by law, which establishes safety and privacy rules. Therefore, the person receiving a drone […]

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Fun & Facts

New Speed Cameras in London: 4D Radar Technology

In the UK, new speed cameras have been introduced with 4D radar technology, which have the ability to scan drivers inside their vehicles. The inventors of this technology, Redspeed International, are world leaders in the field of enforcing road regulations using cameras. Location The camera has been installed on the A23 in Lambeth, South London. Features 4D radar and high-resolution cameras are able to determine how much a driver is exceeding the speed limit, as well as record those behind […]

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Fun & Facts

380 Tons – ORP Sokół Travels to the Museum

ORP Sokół - from Submarine to Museum Exhibit ORP Sokół is a Kobben-class submarine that served in the Polish Navy from 2002 to 2018. Built in Germany in 1966, it initially belonged to Norway, which later transferred it to Poland as part of a submarine fleet modernization program. The submarine participated in various missions within the NATO North Atlantic Alliance and stood out as one of the most modern and effective submarines in the Polish fleet. After being decommissioned, ORP […]

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Fun & Facts

Dinosaur Tracks on the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight, located off the southern coast of England, is known as the "British capital of dinosaurs." Over 25 species of prehistoric reptiles, which lived there approximately 125 million years ago, have been discovered on the island. However, recently, scientists have made an extraordinary discovery that could change our understanding of these ancient creatures. While conducting flood prevention work on the beach near the town of Yaverland, engineers from the Environmental Agency stumbled upon dinosaur footprints hidden beneath […]

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