King Charles III battles cancer

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In a Monday statement, Buckingham Palace announced that 75-year-old King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer. The type and severity of the cancer have not been disclosed. The monarch has already commenced treatment and scaled back his public duties.

## Cancer detected during prostate treatment

King Charles III was admitted to a London hospital in January for a “corrective procedure” on an enlarged prostate. After four days, he left the hospital. However, during this intervention, doctors noted a “separate concerning issue” and later diagnosed it as a form of cancer.

Buckingham Palace assured that it’s not prostate cancer but didn’t provide more details about the cancer’s location and stage. They emphasized the king’s gratitude to his medical team for prompt intervention made possible by a recent hospital procedure.

## King optimistic about treatment

King Charles III has already started treatment, and doctors have advised him to refrain from public duties. Despite the illness, the king “will still be dealing with state matters and official documents”¹. Buckingham Palace stated that the king is “entirely positive about his treatment and looks forward to returning to full public duties as soon as possible”¹.

King Charles III chose to share his diagnosis to prevent speculation and hopes it will help the global public understand those affected by cancer¹.

## A challenging start to the year for the royal family

The beginning of the year hasn’t been the happiest for the British royal family. In January, Duchess Kate was hospitalized and had to undergo an abdominal surgery. Shortly after, it was revealed that King Charles also faced health issues³.

King Charles III is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. He ascended the throne in 2022 after the death of his mother, who reigned for 69 years. He is married to Duchess Camilla, with whom he has two sons: Prince William and Prince Harry.

Written by: Patryk Zbik

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