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New Speed Cameras in London: 4D Radar Technology

today21/11/2023 88

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In the UK, new speed cameras have been introduced with 4D radar technology, which have the ability to scan drivers inside their vehicles. The inventors of this technology, Redspeed International, are world leaders in the field of enforcing road regulations using cameras.


The camera has been installed on the A23 in Lambeth, South London.


4D radar and high-resolution cameras are able to determine how much a driver is exceeding the speed limit, as well as record those behind the wheel who are using a mobile phone or not wearing seat belts. The technology can also be used to check if there are too many people in the vehicle.

According to Redspeed’s website, their Sentio camera can be connected to DVLA and UK police databases to check tax and insurance. This can then be used to assist in prosecuting law-breaking drivers.

The camera can monitor up to six lanes of traffic and will be used in conjunction with other cameras on the roads. The company’s website reads: “Redspeed Sentio is designed to be any camera you want it to be.”


However, there are critics of these cameras. Brian Gregory from the Alliance of British Drivers said: “It is clear that the empty assurances that the motoring public received about the use of speed cameras solely to prevent accidents were always a complete farce.” Jake Hurfurt, head of Big Brother Watch, said: “This kind of invasive and terrifying surveillance, which treats every passerby as a potential suspect, is excessive and normalizing.”

Transport for London (TfL)

Transport for London (TfL) has introduced five new portable safety cameras to minimize the risk and damage caused by speeding across London and help achieve the Vision Zero goal, which is to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on the road network.

The new laser cameras are operated by the Police Community and Support Officers (PCSOs) team in MPS Roads and Transport Policing Command (RTPC) for the first time. The cameras can be moved where they are most needed, meaning they can be used to target “hot spots” of non-compliance and in areas where local communities are concerned about speeding on residential roads.

Since the launch of the new cameras, MPS has issued 9,500 speeding fines, including one to a driver who was traveling at 90 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Written by: Patryk Zbik

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